• Palm Clearance

    Palm Clearance
    All Palms now 40% off at Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Currituck
  • Danielle™ Purple Mum

    Danielle™ Purple Mum
    Violet decorative flower form. Blooms mid September.
  • Honeyblush Yellow Mum

    Honeyblush Yellow Mum
    Yellow decorative flower form. Blooms late September.
  • Giant Red Mustard

    Giant Red Mustard
    Ornamental mustard with deep red lightly textured leaves with green veins and undersides. Edible.
  • Ornamental Red Cabbage

    Ornamental Red Cabbage
    Ornamental cabbage with a solid compact head and wavy leaves. Center turns shade of white when temperatures are about 60°F.
  • Purple (Magnus) Coneflower

    Purple (Magnus) Coneflower
    Rosey purple daisy like ray flowers on upright stems with large green leaves. Blooms July - August.
  • Hunt Grape Vine

    Hunt Grape Vine
    This grape vine produces female black medium to large muscadine in early ripening clusters. One of the best all purpose varieties.
  • Autumn Joy Sedum

    Autumn Joy Sedum
    Green flower heads, turn to deep rose in fall, above upright thick bright green foliage. Blooms August - October.
  • Karl Foerster Grass

    Karl Foerster Grass
    "Upright, ornamental reed grass with green foliage and slender, pinkish flower spikes in summer drying to buff in fall. "