• Suffolk Distribution Center has moved to Smithfield

    Suffolk Distribution Center has moved to Smithfield
  • Blanketflower Mesa Yellow

    Blanketflower Mesa Yellow
    Vigorous, early-flowering and well-branched plants produces yellow blooms throughout the season.
  • Carex Ice Dance

    Carex Ice Dance
    Evergreen spreading, mounding grass with dark green foliage with clear white edge variegation.
  • Daylily Pardon Me

    Daylily Pardon Me
    Summer blooming perennial with cranberry-red blooms with yellow green throats over green grass-like foliage. Rebloomer.
  • Sedum Angelina

    Sedum Angelina
    Low growing plant with bright golden, needlelike foliage and yellow flowers. Foliage becomes more orange in hue in the fall.
  • Eurya Green Thinly Margined

    Eurya Green Thinly Margined
    Evergreen shrub with fan-like fronds of leathery green leaves with thin dark green margins. Reddish in fall with black fruits.
  • Vitex Purple

    Vitex Purple
    Deciduous vase-shaped large shrub with fragrant grayish-green leaves and fragrant clusters of lavendar-blue flowers.
  • Elaeagnus Olive Martini™

    Elaeagnus Olive Martini™
    Evergreen shrub with green leaves with an irregular golden edge. New growth is silvery green.
  • Rose The Pink Double Knock Out®

    Rose The Pink Double Knock Out®
    Compact hardy shrub with purplish green foliage turning burgundy in fall and bright pink double flowers from spring to frost.