• Bright Lights Chard (Mix)

    Bright Lights Chard (Mix)
    Ornamental swiss chard with stems of gold, pink and crimson and green to bronze leaves. Edible.
  • Giant Red Mustard

    Giant Red Mustard
    Ornamental mustard with deep red lightly textured leaves with green veins and undersides. Edible.
  • Leyland Cypress

    Leyland Cypress
    Fast growing, pyramidal evergreen with flat sprays of bright green foliage.
  • Purple Vitex (Tree Form)

    Purple Vitex (Tree Form)
    Deciduous vase-shaped large shrub with fragrant grayish-green leaves and fragrant clusters of lavendar-blue flowers.
  • Jane Tulip Magnolia

    Jane Tulip Magnolia
    Deciduous tree with green foliage and reddish purple flowers with white insides in early spring and sporadically in summer.
  • Soft Caress Mahonia

    Soft Caress Mahonia
    Fine textured, evergreen shrub with slender, bamboo-like foliage and bright yellow blooms in early winter.
  • Flirt™ Nandina

    Flirt™ Nandina
    Evergreen shrub with deep red fine-textured foliage that matures to green. Maintains red new growth all summer.
  • Autumn Carnation™ Encore® Azalea

    Autumn Carnation™ Encore® Azalea
    Medium size evergreen shrub with double medium pink blooms over dark green foliage in spring, summer and fall.