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  • Majestic Giant Yellow/Blotch Pansy

    Majestic Giant Yellow/Blotch Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with large yellow blooms with deep red blotch.
  • Delta Deep Blue/Blotch Pansy

    Delta Deep Blue/Blotch Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with deep blue blooms with dark blotch.
  • Green Thinly Margined Eurya

    Green Thinly Margined Eurya
    Evergreen shrub with fan-like fronds of leathery green leaves with thin dark green margins. Reddish in fall with black fruits.
  • Rosehill Red Camellia

    Rosehill Red Camellia
    Spring blooming camellia with medium, red semidouble flower form blooms. Average, upright growth. Cold hardy.
  • Gold Mop Cypress

    Gold Mop Cypress
    Slow growing, mounded evergreen with fan-shaped golden yellow foliage through the year. Matures to broadly pyramidal.
  • Coast Leucothoe

    Coast Leucothoe
    Slow growing weeping evergreen shrub with glossy bronze foliage maturing to dark green and urn-shaped white blooms in spring.
  • Aucuba Green Serratifolia

    Aucuba Green Serratifolia
    Shade loving evergreen shrub with serrated margins on large, glossy green leaves. Drought and salt tolerant.
  • Jack Frost Ligustrum

    Jack Frost Ligustrum
    Dense upright evergreen shrub with dark green leaves that have irregular creamy white margins. Fragrant cream blooms in spring.