• Summer Specials 2016

    Summer Specials 2016
    Please contact us or refer to current availability for details. Call (757) 483-1425.
  • Flash Sale Extended

    Flash Sale Extended
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  • Red Ruffle Caladium

    Red Ruffle Caladium
    Annual foliage plant with lance shaped intense dark red wavy leaves with a perfect dark green border.
  • Black-Eyed Susan

    Black-Eyed Susan
    Bright golden yellow daisy-like flowers with a mahogany star surrounding a dark brown center. Blooms July-September.
  • Royal Candles Speedwell

    Royal Candles Speedwell
    Compact, summer blooming perennial with spikes of violet-blue blooms over deep green foliage. Deer resistant.
  • Karley Rose Fountain Grass

    Karley Rose Fountain Grass
    Vigorous ornamental grass with dark green foliage and clouds of smoky rose-purple flowers which burst into color in June.
  • Porcupine Maiden Grass

    Porcupine Maiden Grass
    Narrow clumps of stiff vertical leaves with bands of yellow horizontal variegation and silver-white plumes in fall.
  • Ruby Spice Clethra

    Ruby Spice Clethra
    Deciduous, vigorous shrub with deep green foliage and fragrant, deep pink flowers with red highlights in summer.
  • Tiger Eye Cutleaf Sumac

    Tiger Eye Cutleaf Sumac
    New growth is chartreuse green, quickly changing to yellow, with rosey-pink stems. Branches angle upward, the deeply cut leaflets drape down
  • Blue Puffball Vitex

    Blue Puffball Vitex
    Rounded deciduous shrub with spires of blue blooms in summer over blue-green foliage. Blooms on new growth. Leaf spot resistant.