• Dahlia Yellow Glory

    Dahlia Yellow Glory
    Summer blooming perennial with 7-8" dinnerplate, decorative yellow blooms.
  • Blanketflower Mesa Bright Bicolor

    Blanketflower Mesa Bright Bicolor
    Summer blooming perennial with yellow with strong red center and red eye.
  • False Spirea Visions

    False Spirea Visions
    Upright, fluffy spires of fragrant raspberry purple flowers over clumps of bronze serrated foliage. Blooms July - August.
  • Gaura Belleza™ White Improved

    Gaura Belleza™ White Improved
    Summer blooming perennial with wands of airy, white blooms over compact cluster of foliage.
  • Hardy Ice Plant Table Mountain™

    Hardy Ice Plant Table Mountain™
    Fuschia starburst flowers open during the day to cover this rapidly spreading groundcover. Great in dry soil conditions.
  • Dahlia Garden Wonder

    Dahlia Garden Wonder
    Summer blooming perennial up to 10" crimson pompon blooms over cut green foliage.
  • Spirea Little Princess

    Spirea Little Princess
    Dwarf, slow growing, deciduous shrub with light green leaves and soft pink flower clusters throughout summer.
  • Hydrangea Endless Summer®

    Hydrangea Endless Summer®
    Deciduous shrub with dark green foliage and large pink or blue flowers depending on soil pH. Reblooms summer to fall on new and old wood.