• Pink Muhly Grass

    Pink Muhly Grass
    Drought tolerant grass with thin, dark green cylindrical leaves and a haze of rosy pink hair-like flower panicles in fall.
  • Autumn Joy Sedum

    Autumn Joy Sedum
    Green flower heads, turn to deep rose in fall, above upright thick bright green foliage. Blooms August - October.
  • Coast Leucothoe

    Coast Leucothoe
    Slow growing weeping evergreen shrub with glossy bronze foliage maturing to dark green and urn-shaped white blooms in spring.
  • Domestica Compact Nandina

    Domestica Compact Nandina
    Compact evergreen with lacy green foliage that turns bright red in fall and red berries.
  • Mohave Pyracantha

    Mohave Pyracantha
    Vigorous, upright thorny evergreen shrub with an abundance of white flowers in spring and bright orange-red berries in early fall.
  • Stanley Prune Plum

    Stanley Prune Plum
    Prune tree with white blooms in spring that mature to oval shaped, sweet deep purple fruit with yellow freestone flesh in September. Self pollinating.
  • North Pole® Arborvitae

    North Pole® Arborvitae
    Tight, columnar evergreen shrub with dark green foliage. More narrow than Emerald Green.
  • Tiger Eye First Editions® Cutleaf Sumac

    Tiger Eye First Editions® Cutleaf Sumac
    New growth is chartreuse green, quickly changing to yellow, with rosey-pink stems. Branches angle upward, the deeply cut leaflets drape down.