• Kreta Canna Lily

    Kreta Canna Lily
    Dwarf summer blooming tender perennial with stalks of bright red blooms and large tropical like leaves
  • Amethyst Myst Heuchera

    Amethyst Myst Heuchera
    Maple shaped, amethyst colored foliage with a silver haze and sprays of tiny pink flowers. Blooms May - June.
  • Little Black Magic™ Elephant Ears

    Little Black Magic™ Elephant Ears
    Summer perennial with deep purple elephant-ear like foliage. Great for that tropical look.
  • Homestead Purple Verbena

    Homestead Purple Verbena
    Vigorous spreading groundcover with deep green foliage and upright heads of rich purple flowers. Blooms April - October.
  • Cassian Dwarf Fountain Grass

    Cassian Dwarf Fountain Grass
    Deciduous, clump forming grass with green leaves turning golden in fall and light brown flower plumes in August.
  • Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

    Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass
    The blue-green foliage of this grass is first covered with chartreuse blooms in summer and then blonde flag-like seed heads through winter.
  • Fireworks Fountain Grass

    Fireworks Fountain Grass
    Upright growing with variegated leaf blades of white, burgundy and green. Purple tassels bloom atop leaf blades in late summer.
  • Take It Easy™ Rose

    Take It Easy™ Rose
    Shrub rose that produces red blooms with lighter reverse and white eye over glossy green foliage. Slight tea fragrance.
  • Labor Day

    Labor Day
    All locations closed August 30-September1st.