• Emily McKenzie Crocosmia

    Emily McKenzie Crocosmia
    Orange flower, with red center. Grow best in crowded conditions.
  • Lady in Red Fern

    Lady in Red Fern
    Dense, upright, deciduous fern with clumps of vivid red-violet stems surrounded by bright green lacy fronds.
  • Illustris Elephant Ears

    Illustris Elephant Ears
    Tropical looking perennial with purplish black leaves with vibrant green veins.
  • Cherry Red Sun Dance™ Portulaca

    Cherry Red Sun Dance™ Portulaca
    Summer blooming annual with large, cherry red, cup-shaped blooms over succulent foliage. Blooms stay open later in day than most. Heat tolerant.
  • Kimberly Queen Fern

    Kimberly Queen Fern
    Outdoor tropical plant with large fronds of bushy sword-shaped leaves.
  • Cassian Dwarf Fountain Grass

    Cassian Dwarf Fountain Grass
    Deciduous, clump forming grass with green leaves turning golden in fall and light brown flower plumes in August.
  • Dynamite Crapemyrtle

    Dynamite Crapemyrtle
    Upright deciduous tree with cherry red flowers from July to frost. Foliage emerges crimson maturing to deep green.
  • Summer Chocolate Mimosa

    Summer Chocolate Mimosa
    Deciduous tree with bronze fern-like new foliage that matures to chocolate burgundy. Fragrant powder puff pink blooms in summer.