• Pansies Ready Now

    Pansies Ready Now
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  • Kaga Nishiki Carex Grass

    Kaga Nishiki Carex Grass
    Clump forming evergreen sedge producing a fountain of narrow, light green striped foliage with a golden border.
  • Daydream Camellia (Trellis)

    Daydream Camellia (Trellis)
    Fall blooming camellia with large, fragrant white edged deep rose pink single flower form blooms. Upright growth.
  • Winter's Snowman Camellia

    Winter's Snowman Camellia
    Fall blooming camellia with small, white, loose peony to anemone flowers. Average, upright growth. Cold hardy.
  • Angelica Blue Juniper

    Angelica Blue Juniper
    Dense, vase-shaped, spreading evergreen juniper with blue-green foliage.
  • Daruma Loropetalum

    Daruma Loropetalum
    Compact, bushy, evergreen shrub with red-tinted foliage is covered with small, frilly pink blooms in early spring.
  • Delta™ Pure Rose Pansy

    Delta™ Pure Rose Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with clear rose blooms.
  • Autumn Moon Camellia

    Autumn Moon Camellia
    Fall blooming camellia with medium, white, formal double flowers. Vigorous, upright grower.
  • Blush Pink™ Nandina

    Blush Pink™ Nandina
    Evergreen shrub similar to Firepower with pink new growth throughout the season. Fall/winter color is mix of bright pink and red.