• Dragon Wing™ Red Begonia

    Dragon Wing™ Red Begonia
    Summer annual with clusters of red blooms over dragon wing-shaped waxy green foliage from spring to frost.
  • Strap Leaf Sweetheart Caladium

    Strap Leaf Sweetheart Caladium
    Annual foliage plant with lance shaped reddish-pink leaves with darker rose veins and a dark green edge.
  • Accent™ Mystic Mix Impatiens

    Accent™ Mystic Mix Impatiens
    Summer shade annual with a mix of Accent™ Bright Eye, Violet, and Lilac blooms from spring to frost.
  • First Knight Fountain Grass

    First Knight Fountain Grass
    Annual fountain grass with deep, dark purple leaves that are sword straight in the center and arching around the edges.
  • Caramel Heuchera

    Caramel Heuchera
    Mounds of glowing apricot new growth that fade to soft amber by summer. Fall color is an intense salmon red.
  • Peach Drift® Rose

    Peach Drift® Rose
    Groundcover rose that produces soft peach double blooms all season long. Disease resistant.
  • Bloomstruck™ Endless Summer™ Hydrangea

    Bloomstruck™ Endless Summer™ Hydrangea
    Deciduous shrub with rose-pink, violet or blue mophead blooms, depending on soil pH. Glossy green leaves have red veins and petioles.
  • Kwik Kombos™ Spellbound® Sweetheart™

    Kwik Kombos™ Spellbound® Sweetheart™
    Mix of Spellbound® Pink Splash, Royal Purple and White Impatiens.