• BCN Hardscape Octoberfest 2016

    BCN Hardscape Octoberfest 2016
    Join us for food, drinks, and fun. October 13, 4-6PM, Suffolk Location. Please call for more details
  • Palms & Tropicals Now 60% Off

    Palms & Tropicals Now 60% Off
    All Palms & Tropicals now 60% Off of Net Pricing. While supplies last. Please call for more details.
  • Hannah Mum

    Hannah Mum
    Orange decorative flower form. Blooms mid September.
  • Red Rooster Carex

    Red Rooster Carex
    Foliage is an orange-brown to a copper-bronze color, gives the plant a dried look.
  • Pink Muhly Grass

    Pink Muhly Grass
    Drought tolerant grass with thin, dark green cylindrical leaves and a haze of rosy pink hair-like flower panicles in fall.
  • Fortune's Holly Fern

    Fortune's Holly Fern
    Evergreen fern with dark green fronds that grow upright and arch outward from the center of the plant.
  • Regal Red Fern

    Regal Red Fern
    Shade perennial with silvery-green fronds and burgundy red stems and ribs. Pinnules of each frond also twist to create a fluffy look.
  • King's Gold Cypress

    King's Gold Cypress
    Mounding evergreen shrub with cascading gold, threadlike branches. Color remains golden yellow in heat and humidity better than the gold mop.
  • Chindo Viburnum

    Chindo Viburnum
    Evergreen shrub with clusters of fragrant, white flowers in late spring and masses of bright red fruit over dark green foliage.
  • Nandina Blush Pink™

    Nandina Blush Pink™
    Evergreen shrub similar to Firepower with pink new growth throughout the season. Fall/winter color is mix of bright pink and red.