• Tabitha Mum

    Tabitha Mum
    Red decorative flower form. Blooms mid to late September.
  • Wilma Yellow Mum

    Wilma Yellow Mum
    Yellow decorative flower form. Blooms late September.
  • Bright Light Mix Chard

    Bright Light Mix Chard
    Ornamental swiss chard with stems of gold, pink and crimson and green to bronze leaves. Edible.
  • Caramel Heuchera

    Caramel Heuchera
    Mounds of glowing apricot new growth that fade to soft amber by summer. Fall color is an intense salmon red.
  • Homestead Purple Verbena

    Homestead Purple Verbena
    Vigorous spreading groundcover with deep green foliage and upright heads of rich purple flowers. Blooms April - October.
  • Pink Muhly Grass

    Pink Muhly Grass
    Drought tolerant grass with thin, dark green cylindrical leaves and a haze of rosy pink hair-like flower panicles in fall.
  • Shenandoah Grass

    Shenandoah Grass
    Leaves are deeper green in shade. Green spring foliage turns to deep red by midsummer
  • Loquat Tree

    Loquat Tree
    Small evergreen tree, or more often a large spreading shrub with bright green foliage.