• Bennett's Creek Nursery Closed Feb. 27, 2015

    Bennett's Creek Nursery Closed Feb. 27, 2015
    Due to inclement weather we will be closed Feb. 27, 2015
  • Blue Pacific Juniper

    Blue Pacific Juniper
    Fast, low growing, trailing evergreen ground cover with dense blue green foliage.
  • Emerald Isle Leyland Cypress

    Emerald Isle Leyland Cypress
    Fast growing, pyramidal evergreen with flat sprays of bright green foliage. Foliage is deeper green than species.
  • Night Light Hinoki Cypress

    Night Light Hinoki Cypress
    Rounded evergreen shrub with upright to arching branches with golden foliage. Fall color is bronze.
  • Andorra Juniper

    Andorra Juniper
    Compact, wide vase shaped, evergreen ground cover with bright green foliage turning bronze-purple in winter.
  • Japanese Black Pine

    Japanese Black Pine
    Strongly pyramidal evergreen tree with irregular branching and twisted dark green needles and light brown oval cones.
  • Dwarf Chinese Holly

    Dwarf Chinese Holly
    Low growing, dense evergreen with glossy dark green spiny foliage and occasionally produces red berries.
  • Matrix Raspberry Sundae Pansy

    Matrix Raspberry Sundae Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual that has a mix of rose, white with blotch and white with rose wings and blotch blooms.
  • HGC® Mahogany Snow Helleborus

    HGC® Mahogany Snow Helleborus
    Evergreen perennial with large, creamy blooms with light pink reverse. Blooms age to mahogany pink in winter.