• Gator Base

    Gator Base
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  • Delta True Blue Pansy

    Delta True Blue Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with medium blue clear blooms.
  • Winky Double Red & White Columbine

    Winky Double Red & White Columbine
    Blooms are upward facing, with wine-red bases fading to white at the top of each petal.
  • Zhuzhou Loropetalum (Espalier)

    Zhuzhou Loropetalum (Espalier)
    Upright evergreen shrub with fragrant deep pink fringed blooms in spring over deep maroon foliage.
  • Weeping Japanese Cherry

    Weeping Japanese Cherry
    Deciduous oval, weeping tree with single pink blooms in early spring over deep green foliage. Orange fall color.
  • Snow Fountain Cherry

    Snow Fountain Cherry
    A gracefully weeping, finely branched small tree with white flowers. Golden to orange fall color.
  • Jane Magnolia

    Jane Magnolia
    Deciduous tree with green foliage and reddish purple flowers with white insides in early spring and sporadically in summer.
  • Autumn Jewel™ Encore® Azalea

    Autumn Jewel™ Encore® Azalea
    Evergreen shrub with pink blooms heavy in spring and fall, sporadically in summer over green foliage.
  • Soft Caress Mahonia

    Soft Caress Mahonia
    Fine textured, evergreen shrub with slender, bamboo-like foliage and bright yellow blooms in early winter.