• Spring Distribution Center Hours

    Spring Distribution Center Hours
    Starting March 3, 2018
  • Red Sister Cordyline

    Red Sister Cordyline
    Palm-like, subtropical tree that has rosettes of burgundy-pink and bronze-green long strap-like leaves.
  • Assorted Bromeliad

    Assorted Bromeliad
  • Key Lime

    Key Lime
    Citrus hybrid that has fragrant yellowish-white blooms tinged with purple and yellow fruits 6-9 months after blooms. Great for key lime pies.
  • Petra Croton

    Petra Croton
    Tropical plant with broad leaves with a mixture of red, yellow and green within each leaf.
  • Mexican Heather

    Mexican Heather
    Outdoor tropical plant with small, showy light purple trumpet-shaped blooms over fine-textured green foliage.
  • Crown of Thorns

    Crown of Thorns
    Interior tropical plant with bright green rounded leaves on greyish-green thorny stems. Inconspicuous blooms surrounded with red or yellow bracts.
  • Kimberly Fern

    Kimberly Fern
    Outdoor tropical plant with large fronds of bushy sword-shaped leaves.
  • Imperial Blue Cape Plumbago

    Imperial Blue Cape Plumbago
    Creeping ground cover with clear deep blue flowers in late summer-mid fall. Brilliant red fall color.