• New Look Dusty Miller

    New Look Dusty Miller
    Evergreen annual/perennial with large, deeply lobed leaves with white wooly hairs.
  • Pumpkin Pie Mix Pansy

    Pumpkin Pie Mix Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with a mix of Delta Fire, Orange w/Blotch, Premium Pure White, Pure Deep Orange, and Premium Pure Primrose.
  • Olive Martini™ Eleagnus

    Olive Martini™ Eleagnus
    Evergreen shrub with green leaves with an irregular golden edge. New growth is silvery green.
  • Giant Red Mustard

    Giant Red Mustard
    Ornamental mustard with deep red lightly textured leaves with green veins and undersides. Edible.
  • Winter's Interlude Camellia

    Winter's Interlude Camellia
    Fall blooming camellia with small, pink, anemone form flowers. Average, dense, spreading growth. Cold hardy.
  • Silver King Euonymus

    Silver King Euonymus
    Upright evergreen shrub with pale green leaves and creamy-white to silver-white irregular margins.
  • Edmee Gold™ Boxleaf Honeysuckle

    Edmee Gold™ Boxleaf Honeysuckle
    Low growing mounded shrub with golden-yellow foliage and creamy white blooms in spring. Produces blue-purple fruits in late summer.
  • Jack Frost Ligustrum

    Jack Frost Ligustrum
    Dense upright evergreen shrub with dark green leaves that have irregular creamy white margins. Fragrant cream blooms in spring.
  • Thanksgiving Hours

    Thanksgiving Hours
    All locations closed for Thanksgiving, November 27. Suffolk and Isle of Wight will be open Friday 8 to 5 and Saturday 8 to noon . All other locations closed.