• Spring Hours

    Spring Hours
    All Virginia Locations Now Open Saturdays 8-Noon, Monday-Friday 8-5PM
  • Precious Little Pink Iris

    Precious Little Pink Iris
    Reblooming iris with pale pink blooms with pink blushed with blue falls. Blooms May-June and August-September.
  • Frances Williams Hosta

    Frances Williams Hosta
    Large hosta with huge blue-green foliage edged with yellow to chartreuse coloring.
  • Variegated Radicans Euonymus

    Variegated Radicans Euonymus
    Dense, low spreading evergreen shrub with green foliage with silver to creamy white margins. Showy red fruit in fall.
  • Minuet Weigela

    Minuet Weigela
    Dense, low growing shrub with purple tinged dark green foliage and slightly fragrant ruby red flowers in early summer.
  • Color Guard Yucca

    Color Guard Yucca
    Evergreen shrub with a rosette of large,green pointed leaves with a cream-yellow central stripe and summer spikes of white bells blooms.
  • Dwarf Pink Indian Hawthorn

    Dwarf Pink Indian Hawthorn
    Compact, evergreen shrub with rose-pink flowers in spring and blueish fruit in winter. Foliage turns bronze-red in winter.
  • Gold Lace Juniper

    Gold Lace Juniper
    Spreading evergreen shrub with gold foliage that becomes brighter yellow in summer.
  • Georgia Petite Indian Hawthorn

    Georgia Petite Indian Hawthorn
    Evergreen shrub with clusters of pink buds that open to popcorn white blooms in spring. Blooms followed by deep blue berries.