• Arizona Sun Blanketflower

    Arizona Sun Blanketflower
    Compact perennial with orange-red tipped with yellow blooms from early summer to early fall. Heat and poor soil tolerant.
  • Baby Sun Coreopsis

    Baby Sun Coreopsis
    Large, bright golden yellow disk flowers with maroon eye held erect above clumps of green foliage. Blooms June-September.
  • Sangria Splash Dianthus

    Sangria Splash Dianthus
    Fragrant fuchsia colored flowers with royal purple eye with matching edges over a carpet of blue-green foliage in early summer.
  • Whirling Butterflies Gaura

    Whirling Butterflies Gaura
    Bright white flowers on willow-like stems over a clump of green foliage. Blooms May - June.
  • Table Mountain™ Ice Plant

    Table Mountain™ Ice Plant
    Fuschia starburst flowers open during the day to cover this rapidly spreading groundcover. Great in dry soil conditions.
  • Mariposa Violet Scabiosa

    Mariposa Violet Scabiosa
    Compact perennial with sturdy stems of deep violet blooms from summer to late fall.
  • May Night Salvia

    May Night Salvia
    Deep blue spikes of flowers rise above a mound of aromatic, narrow green wrinkled foliage. Blooms June - September.
  • Moonshine Yarrow

    Moonshine Yarrow
    Perennial with bright sulfur-yellow clusters of blooms over clumps of silvery-gray fern like foliage. Blooms June - August.
  • Summer Hours

    Summer Hours
    All locations 8am-5pm. Suffolk Open Saturdays 8a-Noon through August.