• Delta™ Pure Violet Pansy

    Delta™ Pure Violet Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with dark violet blooms with darker violet blotch.
  • Delta™ Pure White Pansy

    Delta™ Pure White Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with clear white blooms.
  • Delta™ True Blue Pansy

    Delta™ True Blue Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with medium blue clear blooms.
  • Prof. Charles Sargent Camellia

    Prof. Charles Sargent Camellia
    Cold hardy spring blooming camellia with medium, dark red full peony form blooms. Compact upright growth. Blooms mid-season.
  • Buttons-n-Bows Camellia

    Buttons-n-Bows Camellia
    Spring blooming camellia with light pink formal double blooms with deeper pink edges. Compact growth. Blooms early-midseason.
  • King's Gold Cypress

    King's Gold Cypress
    Mounding evergreen shrub with cascading gold, threadlike branches. Color remains golden yellow in heat and humidity better than the gold mop.
  • Firepower Nandina

    Firepower Nandina
    Dwarf, dense, rounded evergreen shrub with green foliage turning a glowing crimson red throughout fall and winter.
  • Soft Caress Mahonia

    Soft Caress Mahonia
    Fine textured, evergreen shrub with slender, bamboo-like foliage and bright yellow blooms in early winter.