• New Look® Dusty Miller

    New Look® Dusty Miller
    Evergreen annual/perennial with large, deeply lobed leaves with white wooly hairs.
  • Delta™ Cool Water Mix Pansy

    Delta™ Cool Water Mix Pansy
    Low mounding fall/winter annual with a mix of blue and white clear blooms mixed with purple with blotch blooms.
  • Sonnet Mix Snapdragon

    Sonnet Mix Snapdragon
    Upright fall/winter blooming annual in a mix of vibrant orange, red, pink, white, and yellow flowers.
  • M G Ocean Pansy with Juncus

    M G Ocean Pansy with Juncus
    Low mounding fall/winter annual in shades of blue and white with deeper blue blotch. Center of Juncus 'Big Twister'.
  • Adagio Maiden Grass

    Adagio Maiden Grass
    Dense clumps of arching blades of silvery green grass turning gold in fall and white to light pink flower plumes in late summer and fall.
  • Gold Dust Aucuba

    Gold Dust Aucuba
    Shade loving evergreen shrub with golden yellow specks on large, green leathery leaves. Tolerates some drought and salt.
  • Bonanza Camellia

    Bonanza Camellia
    Fall blooming camellia with medium, deep red semi-peony flower form blooms. Low spreading growth.
  • Linebacker™ Distylium

    Linebacker™ Distylium
    Upright evergreen shrub with deep green foliage and small reddish maroon blooms in late winter. Great substitution for cherry laurel.