• April Dawn Camellia

    April Dawn Camellia
    Cold hardy spring blooming camellia with white & pink splashed semi-double blooms. Vigorous upright habit. Mid-late season.
  • Tom Knudsen Camellia

    Tom Knudsen Camellia
    Spring blooming camellia with medium, dark red rose form double to full peony form blooms. Vigorous, compact, upright growth.
  • Freedom Bell Camellia

    Freedom Bell Camellia
    Spring blooming camellia with medium, brilliant red semi-double, bell-shaped blooms. Upright growth. Blooms mid-season.
  • Globosa Cryptomeria

    Globosa Cryptomeria
    Dense, dome shaped form. Bluish green adult needles become rusty-red colored in fall.
  • Dwarf Burford Holly

    Dwarf Burford Holly
    Smaller version of Burford Holly with glossy green leaves and clusters of large red berries in fall.
  • Skyrocket Juniper

    Skyrocket Juniper
    Vigorous, upright, narrow pyramidal evergreen shrub with compact, tight branching silvery blue foliage.
  • Charity Mahonia

    Charity Mahonia
    Upright branched shrub with spiny dark green foliage and fragrant yellow blooms in winter. Black grape-like berries follow in summer.
  • Japanese Black Pine

    Japanese Black Pine
    Strongly pyramidal evergreen tree with irregular branching and twisted dark green needles and light brown oval cones.