• Gin Begonia

    Gin Begonia
    Compact, mounding annual with waxy, dark bronze leaves and pink flowers blooming from late spring to early fall.
  • Campfire Coleus

    Campfire Coleus
    This coleus brings on the heat with bright orange leaves from spring to frost.
  • HF Young Clematis

    HF Young Clematis
    Perennial vine with single or semi-double blue flowers. Cream anthers. Very free flowering. Blooms May, June and September.
  • Japanese Beech Fern

    Japanese Beech Fern
    Beautiful, lush green foliage produces a graceful form.
  • Bristol Ruby Weigela

    Bristol Ruby Weigela
    Large,erect, deciduous shrub with blackish buds opening to ruby red flowers in spring and sporadically through summer.
  • Spring Red Fox Confetti Garden™

    Spring Red Fox Confetti Garden™
    Mix of Surprise Yellow and Suprise Marine Petunia.
  • Red Pepper Cordyline

    Red Pepper Cordyline
    Palm-like, subtropical tree that has rosettes of green long strap-like leaves edged with bright red.
  • President Red Hibiscus

    President Red Hibiscus
    Tropical shrub with single red blooms and yellow stamens in center.