• Alexander's White Candytuft

    Alexander's White Candytuft
    Compact grower, heavy bloomer
  • Pine Knot Select Helleborus

    Pine Knot Select Helleborus
    Evergreen perennial with cup-shaped nodding blooms in colors ranging from cream, pink to red in late winter.
  • Fort Hill Phlox

    Fort Hill Phlox
    Evergreen perennial with masses of starry deep pink blooms with red centers in late spring.
  • Fuldaglow Creeping Sedum

    Fuldaglow Creeping Sedum
    Semi-evergreen groundcover with bronze foliage, turning dark red in fall, and pinkish red flowers. Blooms June - August.
  • Climax Blueberry

    Climax Blueberry
    Early season rabbiteye blueberry with medium dark blue berries in early-mid June. Performs best with minimum of two pollinators.
  • Manhattan Euonymus

    Manhattan Euonymus
    Medium, upright evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage and pinkish fruit in fall.
  • Jane Magnolia

    Jane Magnolia
    Deciduous tree with green foliage and reddish purple flowers with white insides in early spring and sporadically in summer.
  • Thundercloud Plum

    Thundercloud Plum
    Upright, spreading, dense, rounded deciduous tree with deep purple foliage preceded by light pink flowers in spring.
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