• Vodka Begonia

    Vodka Begonia
    Compact, mounding annual with waxy, dark bronze leaves and scarlet flowers blooming from late spring to early fall.
  • Hot Pink Calliope™ Geranium

    Hot Pink Calliope™ Geranium
    Mounded summer annual with clusters of semi-double hot pink blooms from late spring to frost.
  • Deep Pink Accent™ Impatiens

    Deep Pink Accent™ Impatiens
    Summer shade annual with clusters of deep pink blooms from spring to frost.
  • Happy Hour Banana Portulaca

    Happy Hour Banana Portulaca
    Mounding/spreading summer annual with double yellow blooms over succulent foliage from late spring to frost.
  • Rocky Mountain™ Dark Red Geranium w/Dracaena

    Rocky Mountain™ Dark Red Geranium w/Dracaena
    Summer annual with round clusters of semi-double dark red blooms over a mound of scalloped green leaves.
  • Birch Hybrid Bellflower

    Birch Hybrid Bellflower
    Compact clump forming perennial with bell shaped blue flowers that bloom in the summer
  • Alexander's White Candytuft

    Alexander's White Candytuft
    Evergreen, compact perennial with clusters of pure white blooms in April-May over a mound of glossy green foliage.
  • Autumn Sunblaze® Rose

    Autumn Sunblaze® Rose
    Miniature rose with with orange/red blooms over deep green foliage. Short, bushy habit. Slight fragrance.